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Triumph Motorcycle's Chief Product Officer Steve Sargent
Merk Triumph Motorcycles 15th dec 2022

As part of Triumph’s commitment to a more sustainable motorcycling future, a dedicated new testing programme for sustainable fuels has been established at the Brand’s Global R&D facilities in Hinckley, UK.

Working in partnership with Dorna, this project has been set up to deliver a move to E40 fuel in the Moto2TM World Championship by 2024, with a focus on a transition to E100 by 2027. 

Sustainable fuel testing to date has encompassed all dimensions of race engine performance development, where Triumph is the sole engine supplier to Moto2TM, to ensure the new fuel standard is not only competitive but will also continue to deliver the exciting triple powered, torque rich, record breaking performance that the riders love. 

Hand-in-hand with developments in electric motorcycle technology, demonstrated by Triumph’s TE-1 prototype, and the ongoing efforts on reducing carbon and other emissions beyond current European and worldwide legislation, this sustainable fuels development programme further underlines Triumph’s focus on ensuring that motorcycling can continue to be enjoyed responsibly by riders and fans for many years to come.





Steve Sargent, Chief Product Officer: “Ultimately, our aim is always to take all the learnings we gain from racing to make our road bikes even better, which of course encompasses not just performance but also their impact on the environment. I can tell you that everybody here at Triumph is very excited to be involved in such significant developments at such a pivotal moment in motorcycle history.”



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